Weekly Newsletter


Week of November 2, 2020

Spellingwords with long a such as -ay and –ai

may                       pay                         hay                         stay                        jay

wait                       sail                          train                       tail                          main

paper                    spell                       near                       must                      follow

Dictation You must wait your turn to pay so you can stay on the train.

VocabularyA Visit to the Emergency Room

broken – damaged or in pieces;  The doctor took an x-ray to see if my arm was broken.

heal – to become well or healthy again;  The doctor said it would take six weeks to heal.

informs – tells; gives information to;  The doctor informs me that I have strep throat.

personal – having to do with a person;  The things in my desk are personal.

serious – dangerous or important;  Pneumonia  is a serious illness.

Math  This week we will be exploring different strategies to add and subtract within 100.  We will also be expanding our Addition facts to include sums of 11.

Upcoming events:

Thursday, November 2 – Family Reading Night – 3-5 p.m.  Your child must have a note saying they have permission to stay and a parent can meet him/her in the library.

Bollinger County Health Dept. will be here Tuesday, November 3rd to give flu shots to students who signed up for one. 

Don’t forget to read at least 20 minutes every day and fill in your Reading Log.  Next log will be due Monday, November 9th.

Have a great week!!!