Weekly Newsletter


Week of October 19, 2020

Spelling – words with the consonant blends sp, sl, st, sk, and dr

crisp                spell                 still                  must                task

skin                  slips                 slide                 drop                 dress

cube                fuse                 own                 below              city

Dictation sentence:  It is a hard task to sit still when my foot slips and I slide off my seat.

Vocabulary – “A Harbor Seal Pup Grows Up”

examines – looks at carefully, checks;  The doctor examines my arm to see if it is broken.

hunger – strong need to eat; Some wild animals die from hunger.

mammal – a warm-blooded animal that has fur and drinks its mother’s milk; A whale is a mammal.

normal – happening in a regular or healthy way; It is normal for a baby to cry.

rescued – saved from danger; The boy rescued the kitten from the tree where it was stuck.

young – not old; A puppy is a young dog.

Math- This week’s Math Facts are sums of 10.  Remember Rainbow 10?  We will also finish up with Module 3 and take a test on Tuesday.  We will begin Module 1 and work on addition and subtraction within 100 with and without regrouping.

2nd Grade News

Flu shot forms are due October 23rd, shots will be administered here at school November 3rd Picture retakes are October 23rd.

Class Halloween party will be October29th.  Students may bring their costumes to change into at school.  Please make sure they are able to put it on over their school clothes.  We will be “dressing” in the classroom.  Feel free to send treats if you would like.  I will be providing nachos and cheese dip to eat with their lunch.  Lunch will be in the classroom that day. I plan to play games, make crafts and show “Hocus Pocus”.  If someone would like to provide plates and napkins it would be much appreciated.  I have 18 kiddos in my class this year.

October 23 – early dismissal at 1:00