Weekly Newsletter


Week of September 21, 2020


Spelling - short i and long i


mix                  did                   rip                    pick                 fin

nine                pipe                five                  hike                side

because         cape               picture            made              off


Dictation:  Did you rip your shirt on the hike up the side of the hill?


Vocabulary - "Meet Rosina"


celebrate - to show that something is important in a special way/I can’t wait to celebrate my birthday!


cultures - the arts, beliefs, and customs that make up a way of life for a group of people/The American and Mexican cultures are very different.


deaf - not able to hear, or not able to hear well/Marie is deaf so she isn’t able to hear what is say to her.


language - a way of telling ideas and feelings to others/We use the English language to communicate with each other.


relatives - people who are part of a family/My aunts, uncles and cousins are my relatives.


signing - showing words and letters with your hands and fingers/Marie cannot speak so she is signing to her teacher.


Math–We are continuing with counting by 1s, 10s and 100s.  We are now using money amounts to count.  Also, we have included adding 9 to our Math facts.  Keep up the great practice.


2nd Grade News


Please be sure you are reviewing the spelling/dictation and vocabulary words daily with your child.  We test over these every week on Friday (Thursday this week).


Scholastic Book Fair this week through Thursday.


Reminder:  School will not be in session this Friday,September 25th.


Have a great week!!!