Weekly Newsletter


Week of February 17, 2020


Spelling – words with oo and ou


shook             foot                 crook              soot                 brook


hook               stood              should            could              would


sure                stir                   clerk                during            whole


Dictation – I shook my foot as I stood in the brook so I could hook the crook.


Vocabulary – “Ways to Save Planet Earth”

conservation – the wise use of forests, rivers, and other natural resources;                    Recycling plastic is part of our conservation project.

extinct – when a plant or animal dies out completely; Dinosaurs have become extinct.

hardest – needing or using a lot of work; Helping plant trees is the hardest work I have ever done.

remains – things that are left; We pick up the remains of our lunch after we eat.

trouble – a difficult or dangerous condition; I was in trouble when I didn’t pick up my room.


Math –


2nd Grade News


 A big thank you to everyone who helped make our Valentine’s party a success.  I really do appreciate all you all do to support our kiddos.


Thank you so much to all who came out for Parent/Teacher Conferences and visited our Scholastic Book Fair.  I always enjoy visiting with you all and getting to share all our students’ successes.


Don’t forget to be filling out your Six Flags Read to Succeed forms online.  The deadline is coming up very soon.


Our next Family Reading Night is Tuesday, February 25th.


Have a great weekJ