Weekly Newsletter


Week of January 19, 2021

Spelling – words with ch, sh, th, tch and wh

wheat                   while                     white                    think                      thing

chest                     chase                    chill                        sheep                   shape

mule                      fuse                       often                     idea                       second

Dictation – I think the shape of the white rock in the chest looks like a dinosaur fossil.

Vocabulary – “Meet the Super Croc”

ancient – having to do with times very long ago; The museum was full of ancient dinosaur bones.

confirm – to show to be true or correct; The scientist was able to confirm the bones were dinosaur.

hopeful – wanting something you wished for to happen; I am hopeful I will get a bike for my birthday.

unable – not able, cannot do something; He was unable to go to his grandmother’s house after school.

valid – correct based on facts or proof; Scientists need valid information to prove it is a dinosaur.

Grammar – past-tense verbs

Math – We are continuing to learn different strategies for adding and subtracting within 200.  Also, we will be learning how to decipher the information in a word problem in order to solve for the answer.  We have included subtraction to our list of Math facts along with addition.  We will continue with our 100 addition facts.  I am sending home a letter explaining the grading system for these tests.

2nd Grade News

This week is a fairly quiet week as far as activities at school.  Please stay warm and safe out there as the temperatures are dropping. Cozy up with a good book, a blanket and relax!

Have a great week!!!