STAR Folder

STAR Folder

  • STAR is a folder that your child will carry to and from school every day this year.
  • STAR is an acronym for Students Taking Action & Responsibility.
  • The STAR folder will help your child stay organized and keep you in touch with our classroom.


STAR Rules

  • Take care of your STAR Folder; it will be used all year!
  • Take your STAR Folder home every day and bring it back each morning.
  • Keep your STAR Folder clean-please do not eat or drink around your STAR folder.
  • Complete your homework and put back in the STAR Folder pocket and return it to school.(RIGHT Back to school side)
  • Check the LEFT at home side of the STAR Folder each evening and keep those papers at home.


STAR Don’ts

  • Don’t make any marks or drawings in or on your STAR Folder.
  • Don’t leave your STAR Folder at home, in the car, on the bus, or at daycare etc.
  • Don’t put any papers in your STAR Folder that do not belong.


What’s in the STAR?

Here is an overview of what is inside our STAR folder

  • On the RIGHT pocket will be the homework papers.  These papers need to be completed each evening and returned “right” back to school. Also anything else that needs to be returned to school should be put in this pocket (lunch money, permission slips, book orders any notes from home etc).
  • The LEFT pocket will have any important papers from the school, PTO, notice, etc.  Please remove and read all of these papers.  They will help keep you posted and informed about what is happening here at school.  Also once a week I will send home a packet of graded papers.  Please look over the papers to see how your child is doing in second grade.  Leave the papers at home; however, there will be a small slip of paper with the graded papers.  Please sign the paper and put in on the RIGHT side of the folder to return to school.
  • The Clear Sleeve will have the weekly newsletter.  This newsletter will have the vocabulary words, spelling words, the weekly homework as well as other classroom information.  Please use the newsletter to help your child study and review the spelling words and vocabulary words just be sure to return in to the clear sleeve.
  •  Also in the clear sleeve, you will find a “behavior” calendar.  Each day you child will color in the day to show what color they stayed on today (will explain in the discipline letter).  Please look over the calendar and initial on the day to show that you are aware of your child’s behavior in class. Once again be sure to return the calendar to the clear sleeve.