Weekly Newsletter


Week of April 12, 2021


Spelling – words with ou and ow

clown          growl          howl           brown                  crown

round          loud            cloud          house                  sound

pause        fault            listen          several                 wind


Dictation:  I heard a sound like a growl from under the round brown house.


Vocabulary:  “Dig, Wait, Listen”

beyond – farther along; The ball field is beyond our playground.

burrow – a hole or a tunnel; Animals can hide, sleep, and live inside a burrow.

distant – far away; The North Pole is a distant place.

lengthy – long; Abraham Lincoln gave a lengthy speech.

ranger’s – (a ranger protects the forest) something belongs to the ranger; We rode in the ranger’s jeep.

warning – tells you to beware of danger; There was a warning sign about a bridge out on the road.


In addition to a Reading Log this week, students will be required to choose a chapter book and complete a book report on it.  Reading Logs and Book Reports will count toward their Reading grade.


Math – We will continue subtracting from numbers with zero in the tens place and review tomorrow over lessons 23-28.  There will be a test on Wednesday.  Continue practicing those addition and subtraction facts.


2nd Grade News

As the end of this school year fast approaches, there are a few dates I need to make you aware of:

May 5-6:  Kindergarten screening

May 7:  Preschool screening

May 14:  Awards ceremony 9:30 a.m. followed by Play Day

(information was sent home Friday regarding Play Day           activities)

May 21:  Last day of school

Have a great week!!!