Reading Tips

Ways For Parents to Help Their Reader

Read every day.

Read together.

Make stories come alive for your child when you read.  Be animated and use different voices.

Discuss what you read together. Ask questions, listen attentively to your child’s answer.

Make reading a special time. 

Encourage your child to read at least 15 minutes a day, either to you or independently.

Take along your child’s favorite books wherever you go.

Take your child to the library often and check out a variety of age-appropriate reading material.

Be a role model, read on your own in your child’s presence. 

Things For Parents To Say When Helping Their Reader

Praise your child for …

Using pictures.

Using letter sounds.

Noticing mistakes.

Fixing mistakes.


Making sense.

Using expression.

When there is a difficult word say…

What might make sense?

What sounds are in the word?

What part of the word do you know?

When a mistake is made say…

Does what you said look right?

Does what you said make sense?

Praise another try.

If the reader is still stuck, tell the word and go on.